Progress On 4341 Wyoming (Project Westport) Pt.2

Things are moving right along on the home renovation of 4341 Wyoming.  I stopped by the property late last week while checking out a few other potential flips in the area.  I’ve gotta say other than brookside the westport area is one of my favorite parts of the city the neighborhood are so beautiful.

When we’re doing a rehab job in an area like this our goal is to update the house while keeping as much of the homes original charm as possible.  Here’s a shot of the living room.  When I was there the new windows were being installed.

Living Room, Wyoming, Vizion

It looks like we’re moving the washer and dryer up to the main level right off of the kitchen.  That’s a real great feature since most of the homes in this neighborhood have the washer and dryer in the basement.

Wash room, Vizion, Wyoming

Easily my favorite part of this renovation has to be what’s taking place in the master bedroom.  Here’s a shot from the back corner of the master bedroom showing the entrance on the right and the huge master bath on the left.  Its hard to believe that the master bathroom used to be another bedroom upstairs.  Taking out this extra room and transforming it into master suite was a fantastic idea.

Master bedroom, Vizion,

I love how well this house is coming together.  More updates coming next week.

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Progress On 9025 Manning Part 2

It was a little out of the way but I found time today to stop in at 9025 Manning Ave.   This remodel is comming together very quickly.  Everytime I come to this house I can’t help but think that this is a house we could probably flip.

Here is shot of the front of the house.  As you can see the exterior paint, new roof, and garage doors have been installed.

Manning, Vizion,

The paint scheme inside of  this house is a bit differnet but I think it still works.

manning, Vizion

Here is the kitchen.  The cabinets were getting sanded while I was taking pictures.

Kitchen, Manning, Vizion

Here is a shot of the bathroom.

Vizion, Bathroom, Manning

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Progress On 10411 Manchester Part 2

10411 Manchester is quite possibly the nicest rental property I’ve ever seen in this price.  The new tenant who is ready to move in once this remodel is completed will be getting an incredible deal.

Here is a shot of the front of the house.  As you can see the balconly off of the master has been completed and so has the exterior paint.

Front, Mancester, Kansas City, Vizion

This is the living room.  As you can see the new windows and carpet have been installed.

Living Room. Vizion, Manchester

Here is the kitchen.  I love all the cabinet space in here.

Kitchen, Manchester, Vizion

This is the shot of the full bathroom upstairs.  It was a very good move to put in a double bowl vanity in here.

Bathroom, Vizion, Manchester

Of course the real deal maker on this house is the basement.

Manchester, Basement, Vizion,

This home should be done early next week.

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Progress On 4341 Wyoming Part 1

I drove out to the Westport area of Kansas City this afternoon to take a look at our renovation at 4341 Wyoming. Everyone in the office is very eager to see how this home turns out.  Many of the houses in this area have been recently remodeled so its even more of a challege to make sure that ours is the best house on the block.  Just like alwasy time is of the essence.  Home remodels in the summer tend to go faster but big jobs like this can become a real challenge with the heat.  If all goes well we will have this house done and on the market some time in July.  Right at the peak of selling season.

When the Vizion sign is in the yard it means one of two things.  Either this house has been completely remodeled and is move in ready or this home is about to become the best home on the block.  In this case its the latter.

Vizion Wyandotte.

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Progress On 9025 Manning (Project South KC) Pt. 1

There really is nothing quite like starting another home renovation.  We’re planning on either lease optioning or renting this house out but I think there’s a good chance we can flip it.

As you can see the exterior of this house has been scrapped and is nearly ready for paint.  We’re also in process of laying a new roof.

Manning, Vizion

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Progress On 8801 E 81st St (Project Raytown) Pt. 5

We’re in the final week of our renovation of 8801 E. 81st in Raytown, MO.  It’s always great seeing a remodel like this get completed.

The front of this house looks pretty much the same minus a few changes to the landscaping.

Front 8801 Vizion, Raytown

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Should We Release The Financials On Our Real Estate Investments?

For sometime now I’ve been thining that it might be a good idea to releae the financials on some of our real estate investments.  Especailly the flips.  These financials if realeased would include the following information:

  1. At what price we purchased the property..
  2. The cost of the rehab which went into the property (perhaps even split into materials & labor)
  3. Carrying cost associated with the property.
  4. Any commissions paid out when the property was sold.
  5. And of course our profits made from the sale of the property.

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