2 Vizion Homes Under Contract in Under a Week

It’s been a very eventful few days down here at Vizion.  For the first time ever we’ve had multiple offers not just on one Vizion property but on two.  Our latest flip 5909 Granada in the very popular suburb city of Fairway, KS was listed  Tuesday afternoon and by Friday we already had 3 very good offers on the house.  All within just a few grand of the asking price and all willing to close very quickly.  For the first time ever we had the pleasure of telling all parties to submit their highest and best offer a tactic many of the banks we purchase properties from use on us often.

Our property at 9025 Manning we which all assumed would be a lease option property at best was the real surprise of the week.  Over the weekend we received two offers one of which was willing to pay full price for the home with very minimal closing costs.  While the investor on this property was planning on holding onto it long term he naturally agreed to flip the property when he took a look at the profit he would be making.

Everyone at the Vizion team is very grateful for what has happened here over the past few days.  We hope for a similar situaton will take place on flip at 453 W 70th later this month.

816-372-7855 or info@vizionkc.com

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