Progress On 453 W 70th (Project Brookside) Pt. 1

Week one is behind us on 453 W 70th and what an impressive week it has been.  Currently our crews are working on two huge home remodels it will be interesting to see which house gets done first.  Personally I just can'[t wait to get these fantastic homes on the market and get them sold.  As many of you know Jason and I shot some video of this house a week or so back.  We plan on shooting some follow up footage this weekend.

Here is a shot of the kitchen which as you can see has been entirely torn out.   You’ve really got to love all the open space this house has between the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

Kitchen, Vizion, Brookside,

Upstairs the new hallway and bathroom has already been framed in.  Now that’s fast work.

Bathroom, Hall, Vizion, Brookside.

What you’re seeing here is our crews framing in the wall.  This used to  be the main bath but is being converted into the master bathroom.  Did I mention our guys were hard at work on a Saturday?

Vizion Brookside,

Many more updates to come stay tuned.

This Is Where We Started

More Information On 453 W 70th Ter

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