Progress On 5909 Granda (Project Fairway) Pt. 1

More than likely this will be the only progress post for our home renovation at 5909 Granada.  Honestly I wasn’t expecting the renovation to come together so quickly.  By the looks of things this home will be completed within the next 2 weeks.

Here’s a shot of front of the house.  I love the neighborhood this house is in located in.  Fairway, KS has only been a city in Kansas for about 60 years but its still easily one of the nicest suburb cities of Kansas City.

Front Granada, Vizion

Here is a shot of the kitchen.  We’re planning on using the same granite counters in this house as we used in our renovation of 424 Dartmouth.

Kitchen, Vizion, Granda, Fairway

While this home is only a 2 bedroom 1 bath its still much larger than most 2 bed 1 bath home in the area.  Here is a shot of the living room.

Living Room, Granada, Vizion, Fairway

Here is a shot of the bathroom.  As you can see the new tub and the new plumbing have already been installed.

Bathroom, Vizion, Granada, Fairway

Here Is Where We Started

More Information On 5909 Granada

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