Progress On 10411 Manchester Part 2

10411 Manchester is quite possibly the nicest rental property I’ve ever seen in this price.  The new tenant who is ready to move in once this remodel is completed will be getting an incredible deal.

Here is a shot of the front of the house.  As you can see the balconly off of the master has been completed and so has the exterior paint.

Front, Mancester, Kansas City, Vizion

This is the living room.  As you can see the new windows and carpet have been installed.

Living Room. Vizion, Manchester

Here is the kitchen.  I love all the cabinet space in here.

Kitchen, Manchester, Vizion

This is the shot of the full bathroom upstairs.  It was a very good move to put in a double bowl vanity in here.

Bathroom, Vizion, Manchester

Of course the real deal maker on this house is the basement.

Manchester, Basement, Vizion,

This home should be done early next week.

This Is Where We Started

More Information On 10411 Manchester Ave

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